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**Please be aware I am not currently taking new clients **

I accept clients for personal therapy, online only. 

I am a Psychological Services provider for Medical Protection Society (MPS) members. 

I do not provide ACC services.

I work with a range of therapeutic modalities to tailor the work to the unique needs and preferences of each client.

If you are interested in EMDR therapy, you may find it helpful to watch the animated videos explaining EMDR for adults and for children (and also this one about children's anger in the aftermath of unresolved trauma). Prince Harry shared his experience of having EMDR Therapy online, an excerpt is available here. If you are thinking about starting therapy and wondering how to find a therapist that is right for you, the following blog post from Carolyn Spring may be of help. 

Some of my clients' testimonials are below:

"Working with Tal has truly changed my life. When I first found Tal I had my doubts about therapy as I had previously had bad experiences. From the start Tal's relaxed nature calmed me and helped me to feel more ready to explore through the changes I needed to make, as well as my past experiences. I loved working online as it meant I could be in the comfort of my own home where I felt safe and relaxed. I look back on where I was at the start and where I am now and I can't believe how far I have come. I honestly don't think I could have achieved this without the kind and relax support and guidance from Tal"


“I recently experienced a sudden and traumatic loss of a close family member. Tal greatly helped me process the difficult and intrusive thoughts I was experiencing from this event. She compassionately navigated me into a much better space, which meant I could create more positive and healthy ways of coping throughout my life. I would recommend Tal to anyone who has elements that they feel they need to work on to help them move forward into a better phase of their lives". 


"What struck me most about my sessions with Tal, was how personalised it was. There was no ‘programme’ or textbook we had to follow. We worked through practices tailored to my exact concerns. I really enjoyed these sessions, and learned something almost every single time. Tal has provided me with much-needed understanding and skills that I can take with me into the future so I can continue to progress independently. While this has been a challenging part of my life, I now view it with a sense of accomplishment and as a learning experience. When at first there seemed to be no solution for how I felt, I now feel like I am coming out of the other side and gained new perspective, new skills and new opportunities". 


"I can honestly say that getting help from Tal was one of the best decisions of my life, which has saved my relationship with my fiancee and parents. I saw Tal when I wasn't accepting of my sexuality, I was ashamed of it, scared of coming out and I finished therapy being out to my parents (after 8 years of hiding), finally having the courage to move in with my fiancee and living my life the way I want to. I never thought that this would happen but with Tal's help I feel like I found myself, and have a lovely future to look forward to. 

My therapy lasted for a few months and the sessions are not cheap but I have no doubt that the therapy with Tal was the best investment into a happy life and I would not think twice to access Tal's help again in future if I felt like I had to, as it's worth all the money. Some say that money can't buy you happiness, but in my case, money allowed me to access Tal's help which allowed me to find happiness. I would 100% recommend Tal to anyone thinking of seeking therapy". 

To inquire about personal therapy, get in touch at

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