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Continue the learning journey as part of an online Case Consultation group​

Ten hours of EMDR case-consultation with a certified EMDR Institute Facilitator or Trainer are required as part of your Basic EMDR training: 5 hours after attending the Part 1, and another 5 hours after attending the Part 2.  The case consultation can be taken individually or as part of a group, and is paid for separately.

The 2.5-hour long EMDR case consultation groups are suited for EMDR therapists who have completed the EMDR Basic training part 1 or part 2. The groups offer the opportunity for each participant to ask questions and learn more about issues specific to EMDR therapy. Participants benefit from the input of fellow participants as well as the Facilitator's. Each participant also has the chance to apply their understanding of EMDR therapy to fellow participants’ questions and clinical casework. 

The 2.5-hour case consultation groups count toward the minimum 10 consultation hours required to complete your Part 1 and Part 2 of the EMDR Basic training.

Registration and Fees

The EMDR case consultation group participation fee is $150 (including GST) per person for the 2.5-hour online group session. Group dates are available below. To register, email at with the group date(s) in which you are interested, indicating also when and with whom you've completed your Part 1 and/ or Part 2 EMDR Training with. If there are available spaces in the group then you will receive an invoice with the group attendance fee. Payment via bank-transfer is required to complete registration.

2024 EMDR Case Consultation Group dates for Part 1 and Part 2:

To register, email at with the group date(s) in which you are interested. **Additional case consultation group times can be arranged for groups of 4 or more. Get in touch to inquire **

Parts 1& 2  Wed 10/7/24  12:30-15:00 (group is full - waitlist only)

Part 1 Wed 7/8/24     9:30 - 12:00  (group is full - waitlist only)

Part 1 Wed 7/8/24     12:30-15:00    *Spaces available*

Part 2  Wed 21/8/24  9:30- 12:00     *Spaces available*

Part 1 Wed 21/8/24   12:30-15:00  (group is full - waitlist only)

Part 1 Wed 4/9/24     12:30-15:00   *Spaces available*

Part 1 Wed 9/10/24   12:30-15:00    *Spaces available*

Part 2  Wed 23/10/24  12:30-15:00  *Spaces available*

Part 1 Wed 13/11/24  12:30-15:00   *Spaces available*

Part 2  Wed 11/12/24 12:30-15:00   *Spaces available*

Therapy Session_edited.jpg
"I really liked the way you handled our questions, considering client situations thoughtfully and giving a range of options for moving forward with them.”

EMDR case consultation group participant, Gisborne.

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