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You may have come across EMDR therapy in professional or media articles, and wanted to know more. Or you may have heard from colleagues and clinical supervisors how EMDR therapy has been transforming their work with their patients. If you are curious to find out if you too could change your practice with EMDR therapy, and work more successfully with your clients across all presentations, do read on.

Training in EMDR Therapy

The 2-Part EMDR therapy Basic training is where you begin to learn and master this unique and powerful psychotherapy. Training in EMDR therapy is an experiential process, in which lectures, video-taped segments of EMDR Therapy sessions and participants’ own supervised practice as both therapists and clients throughout the training, are designed to give you a comprehensive and first-hand understanding of this approach. During the course of the Part 1 and Part 2 Basic training courses participants learn a broad range of EMDR therapy applications to enable them to begin to use EMDR Therapy immediately after the training with different clients and issues.


Accredited Training

Dr Tal Moore is an accredited Trainer with the international EMDR Institute as well as with the national EMDR NZ Asssociation.

As an accredited Trainer with the EMDR NZ Association, participants on Tal's Basic Training will be able to pursue their own accreditation with the EMDR NZ Association (see

As an accredited trainer with the international EMDR Institute, Tal's training courses are those developed by the Founder of EMDR Therapy Dr Francine Shapiro and her successors (see The EMDR Institute training curriculum is regularly updated and expanded to reflect the most up-to-date knowledge and research findings on EMDR Therapy.

Tal is passionate about teaching EMDR therapy and bringing it to life in her Basic Training courses. Tal and her team of facilitators work closely with course participants to enhance their learning. Our aim is for participants to leave the training with confidence and a clear understanding of what we do in EMDR therapy, how we do it, and why. 


Ten hours of EMDR case-consultation with a certified EMDR Institute Facilitator or Trainer are required as part of the Basic EMDR training: 5 hours after attending the Part 1 course, and another 5 hours after attending the Part 2 course. The case-consultation can be taken individually or as part of a group, and is paid for separately.


Equal access

If you have a disability which may impact on your ability to attend and/or benefit from this training please contact Dr Tal Moore to consider your circumstances.  Every effort will be made to provide for reasonable accommodations which may assist you to undertake this training.



Part 1 of the Basic EMDR Training (3 full days) is $1,050 (incl. of GST).

Part 2  of the Basic EMDR Training (3 full days) is $1,050 (incl. of GST). 

Register to attend the complete Basic Training (parts 1+2) for a 10% discount.

Parts 1 and 2 are ideally taken within 6-12 months of one another to allow practice and consolidation of the skills learnt in Part 1, before then learning the advanced applications in the Part 2. 

Payment is due upon registration. An invoice will be sent to those who expressed an interest in registering as long as their professional qualifications meet the entry criteria. If you would like your invoice to be addressed to anyone other than yourself (eg an employer), please include this information on your registration form.

**  In order to encourage Māori practitioners to undertake the EMDR Basic Training, in 2024 Māori practitioners will be eligible to a $500 contribution towards their Part 1 course fees, refunded by the EMDR NZ Association. To obtain the contribution, following successful registration to Part 1 EMDR Basic training, please send your receipt to EMDRNZ admin at

Cancellation & postponement policy

Postponing attendance: Requests to postpone an existing registration to a later training date must be received in writing at least 30 days prior to the original training date. If such requests are made during the 30 days prior to the date of the training, then 50% of the training fee is charged, plus the cost of a new registration to the later date.

CancellationsShould you wish to cancel your registration an administration charge of $99 ( Incl. GST) will be made for cancellations received in writing up to 30 days prior to the training. Refunds cannot be offered to cancellations received within 30 days of the training.
In the event that EMDR Foundations cancels an event then a full refund will be made available. For more information, please read the EMDR Foundations  T&Cs here.

Entry criteria 

The eligibility criteria for attending the EMDR therapy training are outlined by the NZ EMDR Association here . If you are unsure whether your professional training meets these requirements, do get in touch with the details of your professional registration and CV to inquire.


Part 1 and Part 2 of the Basic EMDR Training are 3 days each, starting at 8:30am and finishing at 17:00. Whilst we endeavour to complete each day on time, it is possible that practicums or demonstrations may take longer than anticipated, hence finishing the day later. Participants must be present during all lectures, videos and demonstrations. Attendance certificates cannot be issued if these requirements are not met. Any travel, childcare commitments, work related calls, etc. should not take place during training times. If you are unable to commit to the full 3 days of the training then it is probably best not to pursue registration at this time.

Still contemplating? you might find the following brief videos useful, about the cost effectiveness of EMDR therapy, EMDR as an early intervention, EMDR with children and young peopleEMDR in the treatment of depression, of chronic pain and of combat-related PTSD. 

Or, have a read of the feedback from fellow colleagues about their experience of attending the EMDR Basic Training, below 👇🏼

2024 Basic
Training Schedule
Part 1 Basic Training - Wellington

1 -3 May 2024  

At the Pataka Museum, 17 Parumoana street, Porirua

Apply here

Part 2 Basic Training - Wellington

6 - 8 May 2024

At the Pataka Museum, 17 Parumoana street, Porirua

Apply here

Part 1 Basic Training - Auckland  Course Full, Waitlist only

23 - 25 July 2024

At the Parnell Hotel, 10-20 Gladstone Road, Parnell, Auckland

Apply here

Part 2 Basic Training - Auckland Course Full, Waitlist only

27 - 29 July 2024

At the Parnell Hotel, 10-20 Gladstone Road, Parnell, Auckland

Apply here

Part 1 Basic Training - Dunedin  Course Full, Waitlist only

23 - 25 September 2024

At the Kingsgate Hotel, 10 Smith st, Dunedin

Apply here

Part 2 Basic Training - Dunedin  Course Full, Waitlist only

27 - 29 September 2024

At the Kingsgate Hotel, 10 Smith st, Dunedin

Apply here

Part 1 Basic Training - Online Spaces available!

28-30 October 2024

Apply here


Clinical Psychologist

"Thank you for an excellent training. You have a wonderful way of explaining complex content in a succinct and accessible manner.
I learnt a lot."
Part 2 Basic Training participant,


CBT Therapist

"Loved it. Thank you so much. Very well presented and thoroughly interesting the entire time."
Part 1 Basic Training participant, 


Nurse Therapist

"Thanks Tal. I learned an incredible amount from the 3 days!!"

Part 1 Basic Training participant,


Clinical Psychologist

"This course was the missing link for me in strengthening my confidence and knowledge after Part 1 - I wish I did it sooner!  "

Part 2 Basic Training participant,



"An outstanding training. I left feeling confident and clear, with a good understanding of EMDR. I felt supported and encouraged by Tal and her team. Overall an enriching and valuable experience. Tal delivers everything and more that the EMDR training should offer". 
Part 1 Basic Training participant,


Clinical Psychologist

"I really appreciated both your range and your depth of knowledge, Tal, as well as, how you made space for people's questions, and took time to offer consultations despite time pressures to get through content. This was done very skilfully. The clinical examples and videos used were also very helpful."

Part 2 Basic Training participant.



"I felt empowered and wanting to learn more. Probably one of the best trainings I have attended! "

Part 1 Basic Training participant,



"Tal's Part 2 EMDR Basic training course was exciting and very useful." 
Part 2 Basic Training participant,


Clinical Psychologist

"The content and delivery of the training was so well organised and expertly executed. I thoroughly enjoyed the training and felt that I learned so much in the 3 days. Tal inspired and encouraged us when practicing the new skills. I'm eager to start practicing EMDR in my clinical work! "

Part 1 Basic Training participant,
Wellington, 2023 



"Thank you for a fantastic training Tal, you were an amazing presenter and I really enjoyed learning and concepts and processes of EMDR"

Part 1 Basic Training participant,

Fancy a bespoke EMDR Basic Training?

In-person or online. Minimum 10 attendees. To inquire, get in touch

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